My name is Taylor. I'm 20 years old and I enjoy drinking tea.

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Revamped Sims —> Faroe and Dafne Rembrandt
Sisters Faroe and Dafne never had much in common besides their matching curses and their associations with the beast hunters’ team led by one Caelum Ayres. In fact, they never had much of a fondness for each other. But the younger, dark-haired Dafne has come to regret her dislike for her sister ever since the creature that took squad leader Caelum’s sight also took her elder sister’s life, and thus joins the blind Caelum in her search for the monster, so she can exact her revenge. 

そして今年一年お世話になりましたー!若干無口プレイヤーですが、どんな遊び方をされているのかなーとか、どんなシムさん作られたのかなーとか、いつも楽しみに拝見しております!クリスマスは私、この髪型ってば下から撮ると風で靡いているように見えるわ!と気づいて一人でドッカンドッカン大盛り上がりしていました。すーぱーリア充。Many many thanks!Best wishes for the holidays and New Year! (+´ェ`+)




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